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Office of the Campus Director

Kimhong Phan is currently holding a position as a Campus Director at Aii Language Center, Toul Kork Campus.

Believing in the importance of education from a very young age, she was always one of the outstanding students in her school life. In 2014, she was offered scholarships from two famous universities in Cambodia to pursue her Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Business Administration. At the end of 2017, she was offered another scholarship to pursue her Bachelor of Business and Economic Analysis in Japan.

Ms. Kimhong joined Aii Language Center in 2017 as an ESL Teacher before leaving for her studies in Japan. She rejoined Aii in 2020 in the same position. With her hard work and strong commitment, she was promoted to be a Campus Director on October 01, 2022.

She always believes education is not only about knowledge but also manner. She hopes to build this sentiment into all of her students.