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The positive and negative effects of using a cell phone

ផលវិជ្ជមាន និងអវិជ្ជមាននៃការប្រើប្រាស់ទូរសព្ទ័ដៃ

As technology advances today, especially the use of mobile phones is becoming more widespread. At the same time, the use of mobile phones also has some positive and negative effects. This is the presentation activity of C-Level 7 Chinese students of the Aii Language Center TK Campus about the positive and negative effects of using […]

Chinese Quintessence, Facial Makeup Painting


In order to let students understand Chinese opera culture, enrich students’ extracurricular life, and promote students’ interest in learning Chinese culture. On the evening of September 19, 2022, students from C-Level 5 and C-Level 7 Chinese courses of Aii Language Center Toul Kork to hold a Chinese corner activity themed “Chinese Quintessence, Facial Makeup Painting”. […]

C-Level 4 Interview

C-Level 4 Interview

Level 4 Student Interview aims to determine students’ ability before passing on to the next level. It is also a fundamental need for them to enhance their pronunciation and self-confidence. Throughout the interviews, students are asked random, detailed, and descriptive questions to allow them to answer with what they have learned.

Looking up words in a dictionary


Dictionaries are a source of knowledge without a mentor. Learning to look up words in a dictionary is not only a technique, but it is also a great ability. There are many benefits of looking up words in a dictionary. First, it reduces misspellings Second: it improves Mandarin-speaking ability Third, it develops students’ reading and […]

How to pack dumplings


During Chinese New Year, the dumpling is a Chinese traditional food that is a must-have on this occasion. The food is the symbol of Chinese gold ingot which Chinese people think they will be lucky when they eat. Family members always gather together and have dumplings at the midnight during the countdown because they believe […]