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Year 18 Term 74 Matriculates (Adult Program) Year 18 Semester 26 (Kid Program)

ការចុះឈ្មោះសិក្សាឆ្នាំទី ១៨ វគ្គសិក្សាទី ៧៤ (កម្មវិធីសិក្សាមនុស្សពេញវ័យ) និងឆ្នាំទី ១៨ ឆមាសទី ២៦ (កម្មវិធីសិក្សាកម្រិតកុមារ)

មជ្ឈមណ្ឌលភាសា អេ អាយ អាយ គឺជាមជ្ឈមណ្ឌលភាសាឈានមុខគេមួយនៅប្រទេសកម្ពុជា។ យើងផ្តល់កម្មវិធីសិក្សា ភាសាអង់គ្លេស (ESL) កម្មវិធីភាសាចិន (CSL) និងកម្មវិធីភាសាថៃ (TSL)។ ថ្មីៗនេះយើងបានបញ្ចប់វគ្គសិក្សាទី ៧៣ ដោយជោគជ័យ ហើយឥឡូវនេះយើង កំពុងស្វាគមន៍យ៉ាងកក់ក្តៅចំពោះសិស្សានុសិស្សថ្មីរបស់យើង ដែលបានចុះឈ្មោះចូលរៀននៅក្នុងវគ្គសិស្សាថ្មី ៧៤។

PotLuck Day

PotLuck Day

Student spends more time connecting with their teachers than with their parents during the term. What happens in schools has a profound and long-lasting impact on children’s attitudes toward lifelong learning. At Aii Language Center, we don’t just provide languages; we also teach students the general knowledge of life and at the same having time […]

The 8th Mengly J. Quach WordSpeed Contest

The 8th Mengly J. Quach WordSpeed Contest

The Mengly J. Quach WordSpeed Contest is a speed-writing competition in which students come to the whiteboard and write as many words as they can on a topic chosen by the judge. This contest helps students improve their critical thinking skills, gain confidence, expand their vocabulary, and boost their self-esteem. WordSpeed encourages a new approach […]

Playing Khmer Traditional Games of Aii students

ការលេងល្បែងប្រជាប្រិយខ្មែររបស់សិស្ស Aii

The Khmer New Year Day, called “Bon Chol Chhnam Thmei Khmer” in the Khmer language, is celebrated from the 13th to 17th of April in keeping with the Cambodian lunar calendar. This festival marks the end of the harvest season when Cambodian farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor and relax before the start of […]

The 3rd Mengly J. Quach Chinese WordSpeed Contest

ការប្រកួតប្រជែងល្បឿនសរសេរពាក្យភាសាចិន ម៉េងលី ជេ. គួច លើកទី៣

On April 09, 2022, Aii Language Center organized the 3rd Mengly J. Quach Chinese WordSpeed Contest in the Sov Hong Kuy Auditorium, Lim Kim Noy Tower at Mao Tse Tong Campus. The competition was fun and many outstanding contestants competed for the championship. After long hours of intense competition, we finally got the champion, 1st […]

Open Discussion for National and Expatriate ESL, CSL and TSL Teachers (Year 18 Term 73).

Open Discussion for National and Expatriate ESL, CSL and TSL Teachers (Year 18 Term 73).

A general summit to share concerns, problems, and suggestions with the top management is the Open Discussion. It is a recurring event organized every term. Aii Language Center completed its Year 18 Term 73 Open Discussion on March 26, 2022. Teachers and management across all campuses came together at Sov Hong Kuy Auditorium, LKN Tower, […]

Presentation Skills and Speaking in front of an Audience Workshop

សិក្ខាសាលាអំពី “ជំនាញក្នុងការធ្វើបទបង្ហាញ” ដល់សិស្សានុសិស្សកម្រិត 7b

Just as the absence of brainstorming can lead to ineffective writing, the absence of preparation before speaking can result in ineffective and inefficient speech delivering. As a result, Aii-TK has conducted a workshop for level 7b students who will be having their slide presentation in the near future. The workshop covers significant elements such as […]